On the Edge of Time

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On the Edge of Time

A fascinating glimpse of the erratic, and at times, flamboyant man, who gave us so much, yet, about whom we know so little.

Nikola Tesla was a genius of an inventor who slipped away into a shroud of mystery, much like the life he lived. He created fearsome lightning storms, fired hideously powerful beams of energy into the void, gave mankind technical prowess unlike any other man before him. Yet in all his genius, there was missing the most basic need for a fulfilled life.

He denied himself the affection and closeness of another human being. There was a woman he might have loved, if he had allowed her in, but Tesla ended his days in sad poverty and alone.

Some of his inventions were so misunderstood, so fearful, so advanced, that upon Nikola Tesla’s death, in 1943, the government confiscated many of his documents and classified them under the guise of National Security. By design, Tesla’s name has virtually disappeared into obscurity. What remarkable devices have been hidden from us? Are some of his theories proving true? Is Tesla’s fear of a terrifying “death ray” now a reality? Did he live on the Edge of Time?

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