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انتزع - ميناء هوليوود


باختصار RECAP: “3 Gags with a bent spoon

If you loved “Pulp Fiction” and over-the-top characters ala “Dick Tracy” – only using actors who can’t act, then you’ll probably slobber with delight over “Snatch”.

This flick is a desperately poor attempt to capture the style of Britain’s spoofy 60’s B&W classics like “The Knack and How to Get It” or “Morgan” though neither film deserves to be dipped in the same newspaper let alone the same review as “Scratch” – oops “Snatch”.

Guy Ritchie goes a long way this time to demonstrate his lack of cinematic education and narrow use of the English language. I believe most of the “dialog” is still restricted from use on network television – the rest of it you can’t understand which is absolutely fine. The story itself wanders like the gypsies we find (fondly referred to as Pikers). That allows Ritchie to hire Brad Pitt to do a reprise of “Fight Club” only under the auspices of the WGBA (Wanker Gypsy Boxing Association).

Good for “Box” office – nothing to do with reality unless you really believe Rocky had his eyelid slit so he could go on and beat the World champion while moaning for Adrienne. The sound track makes little sense in conjunction with the story and some of the tracks are much more enjoyable without having to watch the screen. (Although I have heard better percussion using garbage can lids and broom sticks as played by a gang of 2 year-old’s on sugar.)

There’s no point talking about the holes in the story – the “Abyss” came out years ago, but could someone tell me what happened to the connecting scene where Avi and company show up, all beaten about the head after chasing Boris the Blade?

الخط الأسفل – Perhaps I had my eyes closed and was listening to Dreadlock Holiday or was it Hava Nagila? Yup that makes sense