باختصار RECAP: “Das Boot, Russian style.

Clammy, sweaty, gritty and claustrophobicsubmariners must be a special breed. This film portrays the essence of being in extremely hot water while extremely underwater. It imparts the fact that man threatened by an external force will fight to survive and will even sacrifice himself so that others will live on. No matter how much the crew hated the captain, played well by Harrison Ford, he is God on a ship and his word cannot be questioned. For in that moment of question, life can be snuffed out. K-19 is an excellent film on all levels, except perhaps for the normally anticipated action that one expects for aSub Movie”. But that’s not the point of this film. It is an emotional look at comradeship in an era where Russia is quickly decaying and the world on tenuous ground.

There will be comparisons to Das Boot, which IS the finestSub-Movieto date. But K-19 is really solid, Liam Neeson proves again he can melt into any part and gives a superb performance.

The Art Direction and Photography was totally appropriate and captured the sense of being helplessly cocooned in saltwater- beaded steel. The Sound Effects of the hull imploding around my head totally immersed me.

الخط الأسفل – Kathryn Bigelow who produced and directed K-19 definitely sailed the boat home.