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رجال في الأسود II - ميناء هوليوود


باختصار RECAP: “I’ll be with you in a flashWait!… What happened?”

Eye-popping candy all the way through this film. Director Barry Sonnenfeld manages to bring us a story (albeit a farcical sci-fi one) enveloped in gobs of well-done effects, making the whole thing a fun, enjoyable ride. Just about every scene has a tongue-in-cheek sight gag keeping the audience and the computer graphics guys really busy. Would you would believe Martha Stewart AND Michael Jackson appearing in the same film? I suppose he’ll have Darth Vadar playing chess with Yoda next. FLASH! Wait! I’m not sure that really happen.

The cast (human) did a good job, but I especially enjoyed the Pug dog named Frank. Hilarious and not beaten to death, figuratively or literally.

I also enjoyed the sound effects, which are rarely talked about, but there’s something funny about the echo of a hubcap rolling around at the end of a particularly huge conflict. I don’t know why.

Highly creative with consistent quality, I give the creators of this movie Two Blasts Up with a Neuro-Polyphase Goszortenblitzer. So, if you want a popcorn movie and a good laugh, then try Men In Black II. It should suit you just fine. I’m not sure what Men in Black III will be like, but if we all get flashed, it shouldn’t matter.

الخط الأسفل – It’ll probably be the same kind of fun all over again. I just hope we don’t get beaten to death with too many sequels.