NUTSHELL RECAP: “Let’s blow up Vancouver and move on.”

Well, they did blow up most of Vancouver with some spectacular stunt and car work, but other than that Ballistic fizzled big time. There was little dialog which was a blessing, since the dialog they did have was blatantly sophomoric. If Lucy Lui had more than a page total, I would be surprised, and no human being, female or not, could EVER live through what she does. Antonio Banderas dug into his Old Movies Chest and found his angry-man-with-furrowed-eyebrows-and-infinite-supply-of-bullets character. Nothing new AT ALL. The story made little sense and the advertising hook of an injectable microscopic killing machine was never exploited. That would have made for the possibility of an interesting script.

The Director, KAOS, yes, KAOS lives up to his namesake. His real name is Wych Kaosayananda, but in this case KAOS fits better, because I also expect that was how pre-production, production and post went. On the tech side, the only redeeming factor was the cine, which Director of Photography, Julio Macat handled. He dug deep into his healthy bag of tricks to keep the film alive. You’ll shades of the quarry scene from “Tango and Cash”, to bits from “Crazy in Alabama” – Banderos’ input no doubt.

Bottom Line: Was the action good? Yes. Was the film? No.