Echoes of the Dead

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Echoes of the Dead

Gail Henley, the mother of a simple, everyday American family inherits a house from her long detached relatives in Ireland. She convinces her husband, Bill that country life might just be the thing to help their young son Jason straighten out, so they head off to the Emerald Isle.

The “house” turns into an overwhelming mansion. If the Henley’s are to consummate the inheritance, they must live there and support Gail’s great, but despicable Aunt Rita. The family decides to try living the “gentry life.” Jason has other plans, but he can’t help it – he’s possessed by his dead great-aunt (Rita’s sister) and keeps conversation with a young girl who, as she describes herself, is “un-dead.” To add to the mix, an old letter tells of a fortune hidden somewhere on the estate.

Gail goes from stable to neurotic as people around her die, one-accident- after-another. It appears to be more and more Jason’s doing. Bill is a computer nerd, with little fortitude and rationalizes his son’s strange behavior as “just being a boy”. The villagers aren’t so sure. Gail is now terrified and seemingly alone.

Envy, murder, possessed family crypts and evil spells abound amidst this richly characterized, Irish flavor of a tale….

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