Bones Chiller

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Chiller's Bones

30,000 people a year in the United States simply vanish. When Joshua Chiller’s wife disappeared without a trace, he decided to give up the hi-tech city life and become a simple farmer in the most remote Midwestern town he could find.

We find him plowing a field, when he inadvertently unearths a human skeleton. He discovers the DNA of the skull and the rest of the body match, except the skull is 400 ans de plus. Impossible. But when the townsfolk start to threaten Josh in very odd ways, he realizes this just isn’t Smallville, USA. Something much more sinister is going on and it seems everyone is involved.

Through Joannea cafe waitress with an unusually high I.Q., Josh uncovers the absolutely chilling factshuman heads are being farmed to retain and further man’s knowledge.
The skulls are prepped and literally planted to grow new bodies. When the city council decides the crop is ready to harvest, they create an atmospheric maelstrom and the newly grown humans emerge from the soaked earth to walk among us. Josh must put an end to this in spite of what is at stake. The chaos that follows is a twisted nightmare of terror, destruction, and not knowing whom to trust, including Josh himself.

30,000 people a year in the United States simply vanish – ou ont-ils?

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