BREF RAPPEL: “Better than a stick in the eye with a flaming marshmallow.

I don’t know if it was the mood I was in or the movie, but this one had me laughing. It’s not just a tee-hee-er, it’s an on the floor, snot-spitter. The New Guy is an irreverent, politically-incorrect, inane, childish, sight-gag-filled, teenie-bop, Barry- Manilow-comes-of-age flick. I swear ever time I looked at the lead, D.J. Qualls, I saw Barry Manilow as a skinny teenager. His nose cut a HUGE swath across the silver screen, but he worked it well. Lyle Lovitt played his moronic father, whose acting left a lot to be desired, but boy, can he writhe and scream in pain. An Oscar (Meyer) for him, baby. Every cliché in the book is exploited including the mandatory tuba-playing midget and yes, he gets stuffed in to a garbage can and tossed down an eternal hill, but IT WAS FUNNY!

Cameos by the most unlikely people (I won’t tell you who) are shot-gunned throughout, keeping you wondering, “How did they get him to do that part?” Then you realize it all fits right to the end. And listen, do not walk out on the credits or you’ll miss the Jackie Chan outtakes. I told you they used every cliché. A dear friend of mine thinksThe Royal Tannenbaumswas the funniest movie ever made.

Bottom Line – Well let me tell you, there’s aNew Guyon the block, kiddo!

[This concludes the Review Reader’s Gullibility Test. Should this have been taken as an honest review by the writer, you would have been asked to logoff immediately.]