“A Mighty Wind”

BREF RAPPEL: “This is Spinal Folk.”

Put together some of the old rockers from Spinal Tap, have them write some silly folksongs and you’ve got a pretty amusing folk-u-mentary. Done absolutely like its predecessor, “A Mighty Wind” is a fun, enjoyable hour and a half of somewhat plain entertainment. A lot of inside jokes, but not buried to the point of alienating non-musicians and even if you think folksinging is totally un-hip, you’ve got to appreciate the quality of the final concert and the actorsreal musical talents.

In a nutcase, “A Mighty Wind” is a reminder that we all take life far too seriously and Fred Willard definitely should win The Grinning Fool Award. So, don’t expect any depth, long lasting moral message, mind blowing pyrotechnics, critical arcs for the lead characters, cinematic art, or in fact anything.

Bottom Line – Just enjoy the mighty thing.