गंधक संहिता

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गंधक संहिता

Experimenting in his root cellar “lab”, Friar Roger Bacon mixes five parts sulphur to five of charcoal and seven of saltpeter. What results is an EXPLOSION, setting the world on the road of new power, changing times and the fight for control. It’s 1242 A.D.

The church has instilled the fear of witchcraft and punishment of heresy into the populous. But one of their own order has broken the rules. He strives to provide a better life through his new found knowledge. Bacon is persecuted by the wealthy few of Oxford with the covert urging of one of his own brother monksAmond Duparth. He is sent to Paris rather than risk further embarrassment to the parish.

In reality, a power struggle in the church between the good Abbot Dunsay and lecherous Duparth is at the core. Bacon is imprisoned in Paris amid rumors of his “dabbling”, and faces an Inquisition. He hears of his Abbot being deposed by Duparth and must escape.

Like a James Bond of the Mediaeval times, Bacon uses his tricks to blow up his cell and find his way back to Oxfordthe law at his heels all the way. He must risk exposing Duparth and restore the faith before it is too late ….

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