Lyon’s Den

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A substance called Red Mercury is being manufactured into the catalyst for creating atomic bombs the size of grapefruits and there is only one group in the world that has the ability and daring to counter such potential devastation – Lyon’s Den.

Based on the tradition of clandestine operations “saving the world from disaster,” our heroes come from modern techno-lifestyles, each with his and her own specialties and characteristics. The international flavor of this team expands ordinary horizons.

Edward Lyon, the cagey old Scotsman, who is the leader. He’s been through it all with MI5 and the like. Paula Drake, a young, vivacious photojournalist with a brain. Ky Namoto races Formula One cars when he’s not on a tranquil fishing boat. Joseph Wind Spirit — a wild Rock & Roller with an earth-driven, Native American slant. He’s the muscle, the demo-man, the survivalist we all need. Derek Taylor, a rogue-ish, monolithic man, who happens to be a master illusionist and a devout playboy on an international scale.

It’s a strange mix of characters that goes after the world’s most threatening bad guys. Can Lyon’s Den stop the smuggling of Red Mercury out of a remote area of Russia? Where is the final destination – Ireland? Libya? The audience will be taken to the edge — just as the team is about to intercept the shipment in Russia, they’re thwarted. Just as they nail the contacts in Ireland, they lose the Red Mercury capsules. Just as they head to Libya, the shipment is suddenly diverted through South Africa. Why? A world Peace Congregation is scheduled in Johannesburg. All the world’s leaders will be there. The clock is always ticking… the team is thrown curve after curve – wrong information, wrong country. Will they get to the terrorists in time? On top if this: no one must know about the operation, not even the security forces who must protect the world’s leaders.

Lyon’s Den opens the door to great espionage, high action and chess-like plots. Mix this with a small band of odd characters and you’ll have a global impact!

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