NUTSHELL RECAP: “Mercy – pour le fin.”

I didn’t need hot chocolate to put me to sleep last night. I watched this escargot paced French film. Nothing wrong with French films – in fact I usually enjoy them. This was blood out of a stone. Not only did it REALLY stretch the limits of credibility, but never resolved ANY set-ups. So what do you do when you run out of story or ideas? Stick the credits over the last scene, where we sit (I suppose by choice) and watch a close-up of a woman crying for two minutes (felt like ten). This is a woman who killed her husband’s first wife and just tried to kill her husband’s son. The husband by the way, in full knowledge of these events, is playing the piano in the background – the same dirge since the beginning of the film. Wait – the camera is pulling out! She moves! She moves… into a fetal position on the couch. The camera’s still moving I think – no, it’s definitely stopped. She’s still in a fetal position – more music. Play it again, Andre…. Fade Out.

On the tech side, it looked like it was shot in 16mm and blown up – should have used more powder. It sounded like the mics had been buried in pate de fois gras and the music? – Funérailles by Liszt (A Funeral dirge a la piano? Wow! That’ll make your soufflé rise. Bon nuit.

Bottom Line – Note – It’s much easier to criticize a movie than to make one. The words of one person can ruin the work of many dedicated people. It is just a shame sometimes to see that dedication all go towards something that can’t really be redeemed. Je suis désolé.