NUTSHELL RECAP: “Title Sequence… Cut! … Cut!…. Cut!”

What do you do when you run out of story, don’t want to run the risk of repeating the same optical effect for the twentieth time, and must make the film at least 90 minutes long so you can try to recover the production costs by hyping it in the video market? Whew…

Why you simply create a title sequence that runs ten minutes and end the film in similar fashion, giving credits to everyone – including pencils by Ticondaroga. By the way, no one seems to know how the illustration they used had anything to do with the story, why it was in black & white, or which particular pattern of wallpaper is was. Your guess is probably better than mine.

As to the story, which like in the film will be the shortest piece of content in this review, was in essence… mad German filmmaker uses real vampire to make a Dracula rip-off and everyone dies, except the mad German filmmaker. Do we have enough footage?

By the way, those old hand-cranked cameras were really remarkable. They held about 150 feet of film – good enough for about a minute and a half of action. John Malkovich (Mad German filmmaker) cranked away for a good 4 minutes in the final scene, as he watched all his buddies die.

Bottom Line – Kind of like a 20 shot six-shooter, but who’s counting when the action is so intense and mesmerizing and …what? It’s over?