NUTSHELL RECAP: “Hurry into the roundhouse, they can’t corner you there… …Oh-oh.”

M. Night Shyamalan’s “Signs” doesn’t turn your blood cold with fear, it injects dread in your veins. The dread you’d have if you had no place to go, no one to turn to, and nothing to believe in when the world as you know it, seems to be at an end. It’s a powerful piece of enlightenment, extremely well played by Mel Gibson and cast. Sure it’s got aliens and crop circles, but that’s hardly the point. What would you do? It made me think. Shyamalan understands the art of silence, human psyche and the difference between how the genders of our species think, even as children. He is an educated man and has a talent for shocking our subconscious.

Mel Gibson showed us his strong paternal side. There were Power Scenes – “The Couch Talk” with Joaquin Phoenix (the brother) – “The Last Supper” with the kids played amazingly well by Rory Culkin and Abigail Breslin and “The Resolution” with his son in his arms.

I won’t tell you the details. Gibson might just get a nod for an Oscar. Shyamalan did cast himself in a speaking role – if he gets an Oscar, it will be for his directing.

On the tech side – Director of Photography, Tak Fujimoto was precise and inventive, fully exploiting the director’s strongly stylized vision. The Sound track deserves accolades. That’s what kept the audience riveted and anticipating. There seems to be no fear greater than the silence that precedes it.

The storyline might have some planetary sized holes, but the relationships and dynamics make this a film well worth seeing.

Bottom Line – Scientists say 20% of the world’s crop circles can’t be explained…. I wonder what theologians believe.