The Lost Tour Group of the Boulder Dam

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IT’S THE LAST TOUR OF THE DAY. A SMALL GROUP STEPS INTO THE ELEVATOR…. BARELY THIRTY SECONDS LATER …. AN EARTHQUAKE SHAKES THE COLOSSAL DAM!! The elevator plummets into the very heart of the Boulder Dam, grinding to a halt on a level that was sealed off in 1935. The tour group discovers a SOLITARY MAN — a man who weaves his clothes from the webs of giant spiders, survives off the power of crystals and has been forced to eat a very strange diet for OVER 60 YEARS… Now they must face the same fate or DOES SOMEONE UP THERE KNOW?

Circle of Sin

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The Nazi’s developed Fusion power in World War II and would have devastated the Allies, if not for William Reed’s courageous operation as a British spy. Now, he’s dead, but his son, Gordon discovers hidden documentation of his work while sifting through old family albums, in his Chicago home. What he uncovers becomes a nightmare of horror and intrigue. But, the computer wizardry of Gordon’s friend, Spider, a starving Chicago Artist, gives him the edge to stay one step ahead of the government and alive. The pursuit leads to London where Gordon infiltrates the War Ministry files and discovers even more secrets in… the Circle of Sin…

ICU – Renegade Doctors

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ICU – Renegade Doctors is a one-hour, hyper-moving Television Drama where a small gang of dedicated doctors go outside the law to raise funds for treating the needy. Led by maverick female, Dr. Nikki Drake, three other doctors, two nurses and a worrywart, but committed, attorney make up the core. What Dr. Drake is about to do is to become the Robin Hood of medicine – taking from the rich and saving the poor.


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Chicago 1924 – the height of Prohibition, when life roared with passion and bullets ruled the streets. From high society to blue-collar worker, bootlegged alcohol made criminals of them all. They ran to the gin-joints in droves, consumed life and foot-stepped to the likes of King Oliver and his Creole Jazz band, Louis Armstrong and a young kid from Harlem named, Duke Ellington. It was a time with no end in sight, a time to “SpeakEasy”…

Bill Benchley, is a determined man, trying to maintain an honest living as a scrap and salvage dealer. His business partners, Uncle Bernie and Cousin Alvin have other ideas. By night, Alvin heists booze from none other than Al Capone.

On the Edge of Time

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A fascinating glimpse of the erratic, and at times, flamboyant man, who gave us so much, yet, about whom we know so little.

Nikola Tesla was a genius of an inventor who slipped away into a shroud of mystery, much like the life he lived. He created fearsome lightning storms, fired hideously powerful beams of energy into the void, gave mankind technical prowess unlike any other man before him. Yet in all his genius, there was missing the most basic need for a fulfilled life.

He denied himself the affection and closeness of another human being. There was a woman he might have loved, if he had allowed her in, but Tesla ended his days in sad poverty and alone.

Some of his inventions were so misunderstood, so fearful, so advanced, that upon … Read More »


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A “Sea Hunt” meets “Bay Watch” series based on a American salvage operator working out of Australia. DAVIE CUTTER is an Ex-Navy Seal with special training in Underwater Demolition. He’s originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, raised in the cypress-tupelo swamps. He has a Creole slant to his character, very pragmatic and rough around the edges, but he can play the banjo. While Cutter runs his own small marine salvage operation, at times he is asked to do “special assignments” for the U.S. Government. He is in his early 30’s, has a perfect body, and of course is a SCUBA diving expert. Has a pet shark named “Scooter” who follows him around at sea. He is a one-man operation, except for an Aussie sidekick, Nubbly Peters who has caffeine for blood. They end up in all sorts of diving … Read More »