果殼重點回顧: “High Quality Pulp Fiction.

One of the cleverest films to hit the screens in a long, long time. Director/Writer Chris Ver Wiel has managed to encapsulate elements from almost every film genre and create a story with enough revolving flashbacks, interwoven plots and cross-threaded action to keep you guessing through the credits. A very fun film in spite of the basic storyline being that of a hitman and his “hitee”. None of Ver Wiel’s strong cast overruled the story. Richard Dreyfuss was only needed to set it up. Christain Slater carried it through, beautifully balanced by a beautiful Portia de Rossi and Tim Allen kept us in focus, yet guessing. His character was enamored with old fashioned movies – a theme paralleled the entire film.

However… the odd scene or two featuring RuPaul (definitely not part of the above strong cast) were over the top, bothersome and did nothing to move the story. A real fly in the ointment, but was it meant to be? 在技​​術面, nothing to shout about – solid, clean, let-the-story-tell-the-story film work. No big special effects needed or used (thank goodness). And once again, Randy Edelman shows us his chameleon like ability to write great music that blends into any type of emotion.

底線 – You could say, “They don’t make them the way they used to”, but I’d argue that “Who is Cletis Tout?” is one case where they did.