果殼重點回顧: “No one wins a warthey only survive it.

This may be the film to bring quiet closure to those who remember World War II. It is a tribute to the generation whose fading memories would tell you it was a horribly romantic time, especially in England. A time when everyone had a part to play, a purpose to help and a desire to live long enough to see it through. Michael Apted genuinely uses his directorial talent to make us feel without resorting to the usual blood and guts of a war movie. It does seem that the original intent of the story was to expose a more horrific secret from the War, however the impact is very low key by the time the final credits validate the truth and we are left to dwell in our own thoughts.

The film is woven together in a bittersweet puzzle, beautifully shot and edited in a way that justifies the title in a positive sense. Dougay Scott and Kate Blanchett work well and with costume, believably fit the era both visually and intellectually. It’s been a while since I can remember a John Barry scorebut the theme is definite and purposeful.

“謎” is a throwback work, more likely to draw the older among us.

底線 – What might be the ultimate Enigma is that Lorne Michaels and Mike Jagger are the Executive Producers, for which we should be truly thankful.