果殼重點回顧: Say, “Robin!”

Creepy….. really creepy. Not in a horror film sense, but how something so seemingly simple and innocent as taking your photos to the local store for developing can become so potentially menacing. Robin Williams reminds me of Laurence Olivier in Marathon Mana lot. Quiet on the surfaceterrifying underneath. He quickly melted into his character Sy Parrish and ceased being Robin Williams. Now we are dealing with a frightening man, not sure what he’s thinking, what he’s really capable of doing and our imaginations are kicked into gear.

導演, Mark Romanek cleverly tosses red herrings throughout which amplify the impact of Sy’s slow methodical movements. We are driven into believing the most chilling events are about to happen. Many years ago, I worked behind the counter of a photo finishertrust me, we saw everything. We got to know all about you, your family, your quirks. We knew your address. If we were so inclined, we could even show up in your back yard……

在技​​術面 – Director of Photography, Jeff Cronenweth shoots clean and uses obtuse lighting very well, which translated means there was a real understanding and strong collaboration with Art Director, Michael Manson. The settings were as plain as milk toast, i.e. SavMart (I’m sure SavOn and Wal-Mart will love that…) which made for an almost surrealistic feel. The music by Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek sets the tone immediately. Foreboding, ominous, yet controlled.

底線 – I guess “一小時快照” was technically a thriller, but if you ponder a bit longer, it was really aThinker”.